Monday, November 4, 2013

Toto, I think we are not in Kansas anymore.

I love Copperas Cove.  It is farther south, which means that it is going to be warmer. 
There aren't very many streetlamps (not to mention that the town shuts down at about 8), which means that the stars are gorgeous!  I have never lived in a place where I could see so many stars.  I saw the Andromeda galaxy the other day.  I've never been able to see it with my natural eye before, even though I know where to look.  It was sweet!
The major differences that I have noticed about Copperas Cove and Killeen is that: 1) The majority of the Spanish community is from Puerto Rico, not Mexico, 2)The majority of the Spanish community is also bilingual and speak English perfectly, 3) almost everyone here is either in the army or they were in the army, and 4) most people have only been here for a few years (Everybody is from somewhere else, including the English Speakers, but there also seems to be a fairly large German community here as well.  I wish that I could speak German, then I would be unstoppable). 
The branch is fairly large, I am sure that it will be turned into a ward soon.  It is a lot larger than the branch was in Waco, and most of the people that we meet are either Recent Converts or Less Actives.  The Branch was only organized about 1 year ago.  It covers everything from Harker Heights to Killeen to Copperas Cove to Fort Hood to Lampasas.  There are two sets of missionaries in the ward, but our area is Huge.  We cover everything west of the stake center, which is in Killeen, so that means that we cover Copperas Cove, large parts of Killeen, Fort Hood (But we can't really go on base, so it is really just a big gulf in middle of our area), and Lampasas (I still don't know where Lampasas is, but I think that it is really far away.)
Sunday was awesome.  Everyone was super excited to have sister missionaries in the ward.  Everybody wants to give us food!  Everybody wants to meet us, and everybody wants to help us teach!!!
Our Branch Mission Leader is awesome!  He is super excited about the work, and super excited to work with Sisters.  He started setting up exchanges and everything for us before he had even met us! 
So far, I have met several families from Puerto Rico, una Hermana from Cuba, una Hermana from Argentina, a family from Pero, un hermano from El Salvador, un hermano from the Dominican Republic, and a few families from Mexico.  This is a very diverse place!
Hurrah for Israel!
-Hermana Sanchez

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