Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birthday Presents

Hello Todos!
This is a great area!  We are starting to get to know the members and to get to know the area!  This really is a good place to do missionary work.
The coolest part of the week was my birthday!  We went out tracting during the middle of the day (Of, course, as Spanish Missionaries we never tract every door, but we look for clues, so that we can find the Spanish people). 
We started the day by following up on some referrals that we had previously received. We made some good contacts and taught a few lessons.
Then we were driving to another area, and we heard some spanish music playing very loudly.  The spirit told us to stop, so we did.  And we knocked the door of the house with the spanish music, and we found a quality new investigator.  And we taught a few more lessons in that area, and found a few more new investigators. 
Then we tried a few other areas, continuing to find a unusual amount of spanish people for Copperas Cove.  It really was a good day for finding.
Then we went to dinner and it was delicious!  Plus I got a delicious pumpkin cake! :)
Then we started trying to find some members.  (We have been trying to visit every member in their home, we are about half-way through the branch list, but I have a feeling that the first half may be slightly easier than the second half, because the first half are the ones who have answered their phones, and we were able to set up appointments.) 
However, we found a member, actually a part-member family.  We were really close to giving up, because we got lost and we couldn't find the house, but we continued, and we ended up setting a baptismal date with the investigator in the part-member family.
Then we found one more member, out in the middle of nowhere.
Honestly, it was just a super good day.
Les quiero mucho,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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