Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hola y'all,

We went roping last Monday with the McKinleys.  I really enjoy roping.  I will be getting my own rope soon, so that I can practice at home. :D

On Tuesday, we went on Exchanges.  Hermana Hunter went to Azle, and Sister Loveland came down to Stephenville.  It was a great day! 

Tuesday night, we had planned to go find a couple of former investigators, Juany and Carlos.  Their address was head out of town (on a certain road) 6 miles.  But we really felt like we were supposed to see them, so we tried it.  

When we were about 6 miles out of town, we found a little country road that we had knocked before, so we figured that this might be it.  We drove to the end of the road, parked our car, and figured that we would ask for directions.  The house that we had parked in front of had two people outside, and so as soon as we left our car, we told them, "Creo que estamos un poco perdidas.  Estamos buscando a Juany y a Carlos.  I think that we are a little lost.  We are looking for Juany and Carlos."

The woman said, "Somos nosotros. That's us."  We thought that it was pretty cool that the very first people we talked to on the street in the middle of nowhere was the people that we were looking for. 

But even cooler, is that Juany and Carlos don't live in that house anymore.  They have a house much closer to town.  They were only out there because of all of the tornados, they were worried about the house, and wanted to make sure that everything was alright.  They were only there at that house for less than an hour.  

It is a miracle to us that God would lead them and us to the same place at the same time, so that we could meet!  Que chido!

Wednesday was Zone Conference, and it was really long.  I learned a lot about faith, repentance, miracles, and the atonement.  I learned that I need to make sure that Jesus is at the center of everything I teach.  

Sister Hunter got a bad migraine on Wednesday, and she has had it ever since.  She can't function real well, and has spent most of the time (with a few exceptions, like meetings, and church) inside our bedroom, which has all of the light blocked out of it. (blankets in front of the window, towels in front of the gap between the door and the floor).  So, I have been stuck in the apartment all week long.  

I have read the Book of Mormon up to 3 Nephi, moved all the furniture in our apartment around, taken two old skirts and sewed them together to make a new skirt, read a lot of Preach my Gospel, watched Testaments more times than I can count, and other videos as well, and read most of Job and Psalms.  I can't wait until Hermana Hunter gets better and we can go out to work.

On Saturday, we are going to help with the Granbury cleanup.  We will get to wearing the mormon helping hands vests and everything.

Best Wishes,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez
Roping Practice

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