Monday, June 3, 2013

Granbury Tornado

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Well, Hermana Hunter's Migraine continues.

I copied the phone book this week onto little cards we can take with us when we go tracting.  I found everyone in the phone book that has a spanish last name, and copied them down.  Every street has their own card.  I figure that we are supposed to look for clues when we go tracting, and I figure that having a spanish name in the phone book is just as good a clue as, say, a mop on their porch.  I also went through and put all of our potential investigators and former investigators and members on those cards as well.  So now whenever we get to a street, we can just pull out the right card, and know a lot about the people on the street.   I have definitely spent a lot of time in the apartment, to decide that copying the phone book would be a good idea, but the cards are great, and I am sure that they will be super useful to me, and also to the missionaries that come along after me.  :D

On Saturday, we went and helped out with the Tornado Cleanup in Granbury.  It was my first time being around a natural disaster.  It was crazy to see everything that it did and all the damage.  Entire houses were gone and other houses were literally torn apart.

We were cleaning up an area where there used to be a construction sire for habitat for humanity.  They want to get it cleaned up and rebuilt so that they can use it as a base of operations for the clean up.  

So, where we were working, was a place that has been worked on before by other volunteers, but it was still really bad.  There was debri and glass and nails and ripped apart walls and roofs and housing stuff everywhere.  

And the end of the day, we went and walked to some of the other houses where other volunteers were working and it was so much worse.  

They said that there were 20 acres of houses just like the one we were cleaning up.

We got to wear the helping hands vests and everything.  It was a great day.  It felt like the missionary version of Lagoon day or something like that.  It was wonderful!

Best Wishes,
Hermana Sanchez

My MTC district (those who are in the Fort Worth Mission, we are all serving in the same zone right now.  Elder Jensen in the District Leader in the other Weatherford zone, and Elder Black is in Cleburne)

Team Stephenville

 You know you are in Texas, when at the Tornado cleanup you find...

Tornado damage

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