Monday, May 6, 2013

There's a meeting for that

Hola todos.  This has been a week full of meetings.  

We had a new missionary meeting on Tuesday in Hurst.  We drove our car, and put the GPS on shortest miles (somehow the highway avoidance box got checked, too, oops), so it took us straight through the heart of Fort Worth.  It was fabulous!  I loved seeing all of the tall buildings and whatnot.  

We also had our district meeting in Granbury on Wednesday.  

On Thursday, we met with our ward mission leader.  (And it was planning day)

On Friday, we had breakfast with the bishop.

And on Saturday, we went to Lewisville to learn from Elder Cook.  It was amazing!  He talked about how the Lord is hastening his work, and that there is no better time to be a missionary than now.  I will write more about this next week, because I didn't bring my study journal with me today.  

On top of that our car had a flat tire, and no one seems to be able to fix it.  We have been to 4 different shops at four different times.  Each one claiming to have fixed the tire, but in about two days, the tire is flat again.  

So, between all of our meetings and our car, we haven't had a ton of time to do missionary work.  But the work that we have done is amazing.  We have two super solid investigators right now who are both going to be baptized on May 18th.  It was both of their second time at church, and we are super excited for them.

The first one is Joslyn.  She is a spunky 12 year old.  She is actually a referral from a member and we have only taught her at the church or at the member's home.  Which is super cool!  :D  Joslyn wants nothing more than to be baptized, and has gotten a witness that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  

The other one is Anabel.  She is amazing.  She is super sensitive to the spirit and wants to make sure that she is ready for baptism, because she is afraid that she won't be perfect.  We keep emphasizing that baptism is just the door, and that the Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect, just to do our best, and repent when needed.  She loves the church and the bonds she feels there.  She has 2 little girls who love primary.
On Saturday, our ward had a Cinco de Mayo Party.  Both Anabel and Joslyn came.  Anabel loved it. I think she loves being around good people, and soon they will be her ward family!

Pues,  fue un semana buena.  Tenga un buen dia!

Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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