Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What a Week!

Hola Y'all!  Ojala que todo este muy bien!
Oh, man, what a week.  We have so many investigators, and so many referrals.  We teach and teach and teach.  And when we aren't teaching we are contacting referrals.  I love it so much.  I am so blessed to be in an area as awesome as this one!  Waco rocks my socks!  We taught 16 lessons this week, contacted 9 referrals, and have 7 new investigators. 
Guess what?!  The walmart here sells Lactose Free Chocolate Milk!  I love Chocolate Milk so much, but it has been about 7 years since I last drank real chocolate milk, not just the Nesley powder stuff.  I am so happy that I have chocolate milk to drink!  Yippee!!!
One of our new investigators is Javier.  He is really intrigued about how we have modern revelation.  But he is a little bit cautious, because a lot of churches say they receive revelation, but they never actually have anything new to show him.  Fortunately, we actually do have a ton of modern revelation, like the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and conference every 6 months.  Not to mention, the Family a proclamtion to the World, and the Living Christ.  Our church is a very productive church.  (I am pretty sure I wrote a blog about how our church is a productive church sometime before my mission, y'all should check it out.)
On Jueves, we scheduled an appointment with Hector and Valentina.  They are two recent converts, and we were going to teach them a recent convert lesson.  But we got there, and found that they had invited one of there friends there to hear our message, and they had made us dinner!  Members are amazing! 
The dinner with them was muy chistoso!  They had made they wonderful chicken strips, and delicious rice and stuff.  But because my companera loves spicy things, they made a super spicy sauce for her.  They offered it to me, and I was like, "no gracias."  But they told me that I was in a Mexican House, so I had to try some.  So, I did.  I put a tiny bit on my plate, and put an even tinier bit on a piece of chicken, and, I felt like my mouth was on fire.  My face turned so red, and they all thought it was a great joke.  :D  But, I am going to learn to like pico (spicy), and it is going to be great. 
On Saturday it rained and rained and rained some more.  I learned the importance of having both a rain coat and a paragua (umbrella).  After about 10 minutes in the rain with just my rain coat on, I was throughlly soaked.  :D   But we met a bunch of really awesome kids who were outside playing in the rain, and hopefully their parents will let us teach them.  I am really excited for one little girl, Angelita.  She seemed to know that what we were teaching is something that should be shared with the whole world, and she kept taking to different houses to talk with different people. 
I have learned that it is important for missionaries to carry stickers around with them to give to the children.  This is something that the Primary General President told us to do when she came and talked at the MTC.  I have to admit, that at the time I thought it was stupid, but as soon as I met the children in our ward, my heart melted and I loved them so much.  So I have started carrying stickers around with me, and I give one to every child that I see.  I love the children so much, and the stickers are an easy way to let them know that I care about them.  Plus when the children love us, it helps us be able to teach their parents the gospel.  Truly the Primary President is an inspired woman!
Yesterday, I learned a new word: platicar.  My companion has been using it a lot when we try to schedule appointments with people that we meet.  She asks them if we can platicar a little bit of our message with them.  I kept hearing practicar, which means to practice, and I thought that was just a cultural thing.  That rather than asking if we can teach people, we ask them if we can practice with them.  But, no, actually platicar means to chat, to talk about, or to preach.  It all makes sense now!
The members are really good at helping me to learn spanish.  During dinners with them, I will ask them how to say a ton of things, and they are very patient with me, as I write down all of the words, and try to learn it all.
I love Texas so much!  This is an amazing place, and there are so many amazing people that I meet each day.  I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve the Lord. 
Best Wishes,
Hermana Juile Anna Sanchez

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