Monday, September 24, 2012

The Belt Buckle of the Bible Belt

Hey y'all:
I am working on developing my Texas accent.  Hopefully in the next 16 months, I will really speak like a native, both in spanish and english.
This has been an awesome week full of tons of miracles. 
There are a couple of apartment complexes that are gold mines.  Everytime we go to visit one of them, we meet a ton of people, who have all been prepared in some way for us to meet them.  We also receive a ton of referrals.  There are so many people to teach.  We are really working on time management, because if we don't we will never be able to teach all of the people that we need to teach.
I am definitely in the bible belt, or as people call it here especially: the belt buckle of the bible belt.  There are so many churches here.  You can't drive through more than 2 stop lights without seeing another church.  It is really really awesome to be here.  Everyone loves God and worships him the best way that they know how.  One of our favorite ways to start to talk to people is to ask them if they believe in Jesus.  And everytime so far, with only 1 exception, the response is always in affirmation.  I love it here.  There is a ton of work to be done, but everyone here already has so much faith to begin with. 
On September 19th, we went on an exchange with one of the members, Hermana Nava.  We met a tone of people and TWELSed (Talk With Every Living Soul), and Hermana Nava was really good at TWELSing. 
We met a super awesome person named Lucia.  She said that she has read a Restoration pamphlet and there were some references for the Bible, but there were also some for the Book of Mormon, and she was said that she couldn't look up the references for the Book of Mormon, because she didn't have one, but she really wanted to study it further.  So, guess what, we are missionaries, and if there is one thing that we love to do, it is to give people Book of Mormons.  So, we gave Lucia a Book of Mormon, and I am excited to see how she progresses further. 
We also taught Guillermo, and he came to church again.  During the lesson, we taught the Restoration, and the spirit was on fire.  It is really awesome to be doing such great work!
One of the times when we were teaching Emma, she brought one of her friends, Mariana over.  When we introduced the Book of Mormon to Mariana, Emma said, "Mariana, I have read parts of this book, and it is all true."  She then proceded to teach Mariana the Atonement of Jesucristo.  Emma is already a missionary, and she hasn't even been baptized yet.  She has such a strong testimony and such a strong desire to follow Christ. 
We've taught a ton of lessons, and met a ton of people.  Missionary work is super awesome!  I love it.
Best Wishes,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez
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