Sunday, September 9, 2012

How many stars in the sky?

Hola Everyone,
To start out with I am going to tell a joke.
Cuantos estrellas en el cielo?  - Cincuenta {sin cuenta}
(How many stars in the sky?  - Fifty which sounds like "with out count" en espanol)
And now for an explanation.  Aparanently many of you are confused about who Mari and Joty (and now Jorge) are.  So I will explain quickly.  Our teachers are Hermano Stoddard and Hermana Collier (and now Hermano Williams as well).  They play investigators that they taught during their missions for us.  We teach them like it is real, and they act like it is real.  So, although our lessons are only practices with our teachers, for all intents and purposes they are completely real.  I have come to love Mari and Joty (and Jorge) and I want them to be as happy as I am.  And, even though they are practices, somewhere (in Paraguay and Chile and El Salvador) those people really do exist and made the changes we have asked them to do and have become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
We also teach each other.  We are teaching Elder Miles and Elder O'Donnell who are playing the parts of Omar and DJ.  My companion is playing the part of Jamie, and I am playing the part of Emily.  For me, Emily is the person that I think I would have been if I had not been born into this wonderful gospel.
 So, my companion found out that she had bed bugs earlier this week.  We moved her to my set of bunk beds that night and vowed that we would tell people about it in the morning.   When I woke up on Jueves manana, I found that had been bitten 3 times during the night.  No big deal at all, except it meant that the bed bugs had spread to my bed and that they were all over our room. 
So we started on the process of becoming clean.  After going back and forth from the front desk and the health center, everyone was finally on the same page.  We had to wash every single piece of clothing we owned.  Spray everything else with oderless bug spray.  Take a hot shower, and then wash the clothes we were wearing.   Then we moved to a new room.  (The silver lining is that we got free dry cleaning.)
It was a really long process, and we felt like we were forever sorting through all our stuff and decontaminating it all.  We were exhausted by the time we were done with it all.
But now, I am clean.  There are no bed bugs on me or in my new room.  It feels so good to be clean.  I am clean!  And I want to remain this way for the rest of forever!
We moved into the room next door with two very sweet Sisters, Hermana Jones and Hermana Carter.
We are now the oldest district in our zone.  There is only one week left and then I go to Texas.  I am so excited and I can't wait to get to Texas.  It is going to be an amazing journey!
Best Wishes,
Hermana Sanchez
P.S.  D&C 84:88

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