Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Parable of the Bed Bugs

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The Parable of the Bed Bugs
The Kingdom of Heaven is likened to two sisters living alone in a residence hall, when they woke up one morning and discovered they had been bitten by bed bugs.
Verily, they were not sure if they had really been bitten by bed bugs and they felt that it would be easier to remain where they were.
But, I say unto you, that they went to the health clinic and the doctor confirmed that they were bitten by bed bugs.  And thus, the nurses instructed them in all the things that they should do.  And they gave them supllies for all the tasks that they had to do.
And verily, the sisters washed every single article of clothing they owned in hot water.  And they sprayed all of their stuff with bug spray.  And they showered in hot water, and they washed the clothes they had been wearing.  And they moved to a new room and got new beds and new sheets.  And they left the bed bugs behind.
Yea, verily, they were clean.  And again, they were happy because they were clean. 
The Interpretation Thereof
The sisters are like unto sinners.
The bed bugs are like unto sin.
Being bitten by bed bugs is like unto the effects of sin.
Sometimes it is hard to recognize if you have sinned,  and it always feels easier to reamin in the state you are in.
The cleansing process is like unto repentance.  It is a long difficult process, and is often times hard to begin.
The doctor is like unto the Holy Ghost who can help the sinner to feel Godly Sorrow and recognize that they have sinned.
The nurses are like unto priesthood leaders and the Holy Ghost who can help and guide the sinner through the repentance process, but they cannot do it for them. 
The cleansing power of hot water is like unto appying the blood of Jesus Christ through his Atonement.
Spraying everything with bug spray and moving to a new room is like unto forsaking sins and never doing them again.
And thus at the end of the repentance process, the sinner will be clean and their joy will be great. 

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