Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Personal Revelation

Hola Everyone!
So, last week, we did have an amazing Devotional.  We had heard rumors that it was going to be someone way important.  We were told to go with a question in mind.  My question was "How can I better serve the Lord right now?"  My companion and I decided to go to the choir, so that we could get good seats.
Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorotm of the Twelve Apostles spoke to us.  Since it was President Monson's birthday, he had us sing Happy Birthday to him. :)  (I wonder if he heard it, chiste.)
He talked about the things the thought that President Monson would say if he were there with us.  He gave us a list of things that he often says.
  1. Follow the Prophet
  2. Do your Duty
    1. "Do you duty.  That is best.  Leave unto the Lord the rest."
  3. Trust in the Lord - You will be an instrument in His hands.
    1. Proverbs 3: 5-6
  4. Let the Lord Shape your Back
    1. "Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies"
    2. "The Lord will shape the back to bear the burden placed upon it."
    3. "When you are on the Lord's errand, you are entitled to His help."
  5. Smile, enjoy yourself
  6. Love the people you serve
    1. D&C 84:88
  7. Never ignore a prompting
  8. Testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith
  9. Witness the Power of the Savior
And the revelation I received for me was that I need to memorize some scriptures in Spanish of things that Jesus has said.
During our District review of what we had learned, I was feeling a little bad.  Everyone, uit seemed to me, had received some pretty spectacural revelation, and all I got was to memorize some Bible passages.
But then the Holy Ghost spoke to me.  He said, "You get academic anwsers because you are an academic person."  This doesn't mean that I don't feel the Spirit, or have a testimony.  I always feel the Spirit.  And for me the most important things are the facts and the truths.  This doesn't mean that I can't be spiritual, because I am, and the truths of the gospel invite the Spirit.
The Spirit talks to each of us in exactly the right way for each one of us.  If you are open to revelation and the Spirit, then you will get exactly the right revelation that you need.  The Lord knows each one of us and loves each one of us.  He know exactly what I need. 
Earlier in my MTC journey I had another experience with the Spirit.  One of the days when we were going to teach Joty, we went to building 18 M, because that was were we always taught him.  We went to every room and couldn't see him.  We were getting frusterated, because we couldn't find him.  Finally we decided to go back to the classroom, and see if Hermano Stoddard had left a note for us on the white board.
While we were walking back to the classroom, we ran into two elders in our district.  We asked them if they knew were Joty was, and they didn't. 
At this point, we were doubting ourselves.  We were tired, and didn't want to climb down the stairs, when we would just be climbing back up them.  If those two elders didn't know were Joty was, then Hermano Stoddard probably didn't write anything on teh board.  We wanted to just wait outside and wait for the companionship that was teaching him right then to come back from their teaching appointment, and we would ask them were Joty was.  Besides, we were already late, and if we went back to the classroom we would be even later.
But we really felt like we should go to the classroom.  So we did, expecting it to be a waste of time.  And we learned from two elders who were sitting in the classroom that Joty was in 17 M, and Hermano Stoddard had written the room on the board.
If we hadn't gone downstairs to the classroom (Our classroom is in 17 M as well), we never would have seen the elders who were teaching.  They didn't have to leave the building and wouldn't have come outside.  We wouldn't have known where Joty was, and we would have been lost.  If we hadn't followed the spirit on this little thing, we wouldn't have been able to teach Joty.
I know that the Spirit will guide us whenever we need his help.  But if we ignore a prompting, even if it is a small thing, he will be less likely to give us promptings in the future.
On Friday, we taught Joty again.  We talked about how his faith is and how he is beginning to receive a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  The days when he reads, he feels good, and the days when he doesn't, he doesn't feel that same goodness.  We had asked him to study faith in the pamphlet, so we asked him about it, and he talked about Ether 12:6.  Then, somehow or the other we got on the subject of baptism and marriage.  because Joty always brings those things up pretty quickly in each lesson, and we finally felt like Joty was ready to learn about chastity because his faith was finally strong enough.
Before we started we talked about Ether 12:6, and how he would receive a testimony of baptism and marriage after he does them.  IT was like how he didn't used to understan why he needed to read the Book of Mormon, but then he started to read it, and now he has a testimony of it.  It will be the same with Marriage and Baptism.
Then we started to go through the Chastity folleta (pamphlet), explaining why it is important, what it is and what blessings Joty will receive by keeping it.  We promised him that his relationship with Gaby (su novia) will imporve greatly after they are married.
He is going to propose to Gaby this week and set a date with her for marriage in 2 to 3 months.  When we teach him again we are going to set a date for baptism.  I am so excited for him.  This is teh best decision he could ever make!
On Sunday, I gave my very first church lesson.  I taught Sunday School, or rather our District Meeting.  I taught about the Holy Ghost and receiving personal revelation as a missionary.
After the Firesides on sundays, we get to watch church movies and films of old MTC devotionals.  We went to one that Elder Bednar gave last year called the Character of Christ.  He gave it on Christmas Day 2011.    He talked about the Character of Christ, which is turning outward towards others when teh natural man turns inward toward the self.  He says that the natural man is like the Cookie Monster.  He even impersonated the Cookie Monster over the pulpit several times.  :D  He said that "Testimony is what you know to be ture by the witness of the Holy Ghost.  ... Conversion is consistently being true to what you know. 
Best Wishes,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez
Juan 7:17  El que quiera hacer la voluntad de 'El, concer'a si la doctrina es de Dios, o yo habl'o por mi mismo.
Juan 14:15 Si me am'ais, quardad mis mandamientos.
Juan 10:16 Tambien tengo otras ovellas que no son de este vedil, a aqu'ellos tambien debo traer, y oir'an mi voz, y habr'a un reba~no y un pastor.
Juan 17:3 y esta es la vida eterna, que te conozcan a ti, el unico Dios verdadero, y a Jesucristo, a quien has enviado.
Juan 3:5  Respondi'o Jesus, De cierto, de cierto, te digo que el que no naciera de auga y del Esp'iritu, no puede entrar en el reino de Dios.

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