Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Power of Members - Sept 3, 2013

Hola Todos!
Our Mission President has been encouraging us to visit more members, even the active members and help them become involved in the missionary process. 
We have many different ideas for mini-missionary lessons, and we visit lots of members.  One of our ideas is to teach the members one of the missionary lessons.  But before we start the lesson we ask them to think about all the people they know while we are teaching, and who could benefit from knowing what they know.
We were eating dinner with one family, the Lasoyas, and we were teaching them the Plan of Salvation.  I love teaching members the plan of salvation, because they already know all the principles, and we don't get stuck on some point because they don't understand.  When we were down, we asked them, who came to their mind while we were teaching, and Hermano Lasoya said, Samuel.  We then invited the Lasoyas to invite Samuel to their home and teach him the Plan of Salvation without us, and then we would join in for the second lesson (This has been something we have been trying recently.  To have the members have a Family Home Evening in the their and invite someone to come and teach them.  Then invite the missionaries for the second lesson.) They said that they would, and we were excited to teach Samuel.
Then when we get out of dinner, we had a voicemail on our phone from the Garcia family.  They said that there was a couple at their house right now, and that they had lots of questions about the church, and if we could please come over.  So we go to the Garcia family, and we meet Samuel and his wife Aracely.  And yes, it was the same Samuel.  :D
Both Hermano Garcia and Hermano Lasoya work with Samuel. 
Aracely was recently given a bible and she skipped to Revelations.  She realized that she needed to get saved real soon, but she was confused about which church.  She asked Samuel, who asked Hermano Garcia, who invited them to their home, and taught them the Plan of Salvation at the same time we were teaching the Lasoyas the Plan of Salvation.  Coincidence, I think not.
We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to answer Aracely's question about which church she should join.
Unfortunately Samuel and Aracely live outside of our area, but for now we have permission to continue teaching them because their member fellowship is here.  That means that all of our lessons with them are going to have to be in member homes. :D
They didn't make it to church this sunday, because it was Samuel's birthday, but Aracely has read all of the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration pamphlet and has done all of the questions in the back.  And she has read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon. 
We are going to meet with them again tonight, and they should progress fast!  We are super excited for them!
Really when members get involved with missionary work, the people are found who are ready for the gospel right now!  It is really cool!
Will you invite one of your friends to your home and teach them the plan of salvation or share a scripture with them?  You can make it a dinner if you'd like, sometimes it is easier to invite someone over for dinner instead of inviting them over to study the scriptures.  Then will you invite them to meet with the missionaries, while they are at your home?
If you do so, I promise you that God will place people in your paths who are ready for the gospel, and you will understand more about the atonement and you will feel a greater peace in your life and greater happiness in your family.
Nos vemos,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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