Monday, August 5, 2013


Monday, we taught Yesenia.  She made us dinner, and she invited her fellowshipper over.  That was cool.  One of her fellowshippers is Randi.  She is friends with Brian and Jenae.  Small world.  Because Yesenia is 18 and unmarried, we have been trying to get her involved in the YSA ward a little as well.  So after dinner, Randi took Yesenia to the YSA family home evening. 
Tuesday I went on exchanges with the other Hermanas in our ward.  I went to the other area.  Their area is still the southside of Fort Worth, but farther north than our area.  (We cover everything from the 820 south and everything from the 35 west, more or less).  It was fun to go to their area and meet some of their investigators. 
We taught lots of people, and they are all progressing at some level or another, but we are still struggling to get people to come to church.  Just come to church!
On Saturday, I went with the other Hermanas again for a few hours, while Hermana Gomez went to Hurst for the new trainer meeting. 
I also bought some Cowboy boots at the Pulga when we went on Saturday, after Hermana Gomez got back.   :D
Que les vayan bien,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez


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