Monday, August 12, 2013

Joke of the Week

Sorry, we do not have much time to email today, so here is the joke of the week:
Por que los lamanitas tenian ropa arrogada?
Por que los nefitas tenian las planchas. 
Why did the Lamanites have wrinkled clothes?
Because the Nephites had the (plates/irons). 
Quote of the week:
Tirale al cielo para que le des al cerro porque si no le das a un perro.
Throw it to the sky so that it will land on a hill, because if not you will give it to a dog.
This is an expression that has similiar connations as "Reach for the moon, for if you miss at least  you'll be among the stars."
My new companion, Hermana Bush, is wonderful.  She is from Boise, Idaho.  She is 19, and was one of the first 19 year olds to come out to the field.  She has a strong testimony and is a great missionary. 
Que les vayan bien,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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