Monday, July 29, 2013

Pioneer Day - We walked and walked and walked!

Hola todos!  Ojala que todo este bien para uds. 
We realized that Alma's name is reallly Alba.  So we've been calling her the wrong name for a while.  :D It is a good thing that she likes us.
On Monday we went over to see them, and they let us right in, then the children and the husband all scattered.  The children is understandable, but I am sick of flojo husbands.  Alba was helping out some of her friends and letting them stay with her while they find a place to live.  So we taught them the restoration.  And it was almost like a member present lesson.  Alba shared about the book of mormon and bore her testimony about it.  It was really cool.
We taught Alba again yesterday, and we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We told her that the church respects the father as the head of the family, but if he isn't ready to get baptized and she is, then she can get baptized with his permission, and set an example for him.  We really want the whole family to get baptized, but Manuel won't even stay around for the lessons, and Alba is so ready for the gospel.  We set a baptismal date with her for August 31st and she wants it so badly. 
The major story of the week is that we found Adolfo.  Adolfo was an investigator that Hermana Gomez and Olander were teaching a while ago, but then, his "family" kicked him out of his house, and moved him somewhere in Joshua, but couldn't remember where he was at.  He wanted to get baptized, but he wanted to wait until his wife came her from El Salvador and get baptized at the same time.  He had been saving up money for her to come, and she should have been coming in a few months. So, basically, they had this really super awesome investigator, who was lost and couldn't be found.
But we've been trying to find this guy for a while.  Several weeks ago, we got some sketchy directions from his nephew, and drove out into the middle of nowhere, and couldn't find him.  So we called prayed and asked the Lord for help.  Then we called his nephew, and all of a sudden, he remembered perfectly how to get to Adolfo's house, and he even remembered what number it was.
So we went down and followed the new directions, and he was there.  And he had just talked to his wife, and she had already gotten baptized, so he wanted to get baptized too.  We set a baptismal date with him for August 3rd
But then we went and taught him yesterday, and he is going to be moving to Houston this week, so he won't be able to get baptized up here.  But the missionaries down in Houston are going to love him!
Our biggest problem with our investigators is getting them to church.  If they would just come to church, then everything would be great! 
We teach lots of lessons, but we spend time finding even more.  We always need more investigators.  Always.
There haven't been a lot of changes with the new Mission President.  His big push is to double all of our efforts.  Which we are going to do, and it will be awesome.
For the 24th of July, my companion and I sang Come, Come ye Saints.  Then we walked and walked and walked and walked. :) and we did lots of missionary work.
con amor,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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