Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hastening the Work

Fort Worth is the best.  There are so many people to teach and find.  I love it.  We had 3 investigators at church, and I am sure that we are going to get many more to come to church as well.
On Tuesday we met our new mission president, President Ames.  I am super excited.  He said lots of cool t hings.  Like this time when the Lord is hastening his work is comparable to the 1st vision, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and all males getting the priesthood. 
I've been thinking about this and I feel super blessed to be out here.  I've always wanted to go on a mission.  The question has always been, when?.  Sometimes I would think that I would have my 21st birthday in the MTC, but then I would think and pray some more and I always felt like, not now.  I needed to be in school then.  And so I always thought that I would finish my degree before I came out on a mission.
But then it all changed in an instant (literally).  I was just walking across the quad at Utah State to get to class, when I knew that I needed to serve a mission right then.  So, I started talking with my parents and my bishop, and before I knew it, I had finished the papers and was just waiting for my call.
I entered the MTC when I was 21 and 8 months.  So not, very off from my desire to have my 21st birthday in the MTC, but if that had happened, I would be home now.  I wouldn't have the last 7 months of my mission here with president Ames at this time.  I probably would have returned home just as the first effects of "the hastening of the work" hit the mission field.  And if I had waited to finish my degree until coming out, I would probably still be at Utah State finishing up, and not even out in the mission field as the Lord hastens his work.
Instead in the Lord's timetable, I am still a missionary, and I am so grateful for the Lord's timing.  I am able to be a seasoned missionary and help out the Lord's work as much as I possibly can.  Really, I feel super blessed and I feel that the Lord trusts me. :D
President Ames said that we were all foreordained to be here in this mission at this time.    I've said my whole mission that God's timing is perfect, but it really hit me again.  God knew what would happen and he blessed me to go out on a mission at precisely the right time so that I could be here at this time when the Lord hastened his work.  Que maravillosa!
I am also super blessed to be serving in Fort Worth.  We have an all spanish district, and it is such a blessing to be able to speak more and more spanish.  I know that my spanish is going to get stupendiously better.  I'm excited. 
Then we had the 4th of July here.  We ate Mexican food.   Most of the day was planning day, but during the evening, we rode our bikes all around to some the parks here, and we met lots of people.  Then we did our nightly planning outside and watched some fireworks. 
On Saturday, we went to contact a referral in Joshua, a little town about 25 miles south.  It reminded me of Stephenville a little bit.  :D  We definitely cover a much larger area (in terms of people) then we did while I was in Stephenville.  (When a small town like Stephenville, is the small far-away of our area, instead of the main center of our efforts.)  We also cover Burleson, Crowley, and Benbrook. 
Sunday, we had 3 investigators come to church.  There are definitely some very good things happening here in Fort Worth.  :D
Gracias por todo,
Hermana Sanchez

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