Thursday, August 9, 2012

Part 2

{Julie Anna sent me a [rather sloppy] letter along with the letter she wrote me this week. She was writing crazy fast. :) She asked if I would transcribe it for her so everyone can read what she ran out of time to type. I know... I'm the best sister ever to be willing to type her letter for her. LoL! All of my editor comments will be written in the squiggly brackets.}

Sunday was Mission Conference because it was Fast SUnday. We heard a lot of talks from the MIssion Presidency. One really good scripture is D&C 89:86 {I think it says 89... it might be 84??} It talks about how angels will bear you up seen or unseen, angels are always near. Hermana Georgia McIff talked about knowing if we have the Spirit. It is cuando me stop {uh, your guess is as good as mine as to what that means...?} seeking the spirit, that we should worry. President I. Bruce McIff said that there is treasure everywhere in the Book of Mormon. He even showed us a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon about there is treasure everywhere. He encouraged us to read more slowly with more pondering and to examine every word. President Brown talked about repentance.

During lunch time, we have an Hermana Conference with our Branch President and his wife. She told us how to stand next to a door, so that the elderes can get it for you. We also talked about elder/ sister relationships. We need to make it like siblings. Flirting is bad, but we also shouldn't let any of the elderes look to us as a mother figure. We need to be all that we can be and help the elderes be all that they can be as well.

At the chaula fogonera (fireside) President & Sister Nally talked. One of the things they said that stood out in my mind was that we are numbered unto God. He knows each of us. He knows our names and our abilities. Each one of us in unique and no one can take your place. The Lord has called you to do what only you can do.

Alma 56:96- God will not suffer that we should fall.

We taught Mari again on Monday. It was a really good leccion. We talked about the Book of Mormon and faith. We applied the whole leccion to the fact that God loves her and she can receive personal revelation from God to help her. She is struggling with choosing the gospel, because she thinks that she will lose her family when she joins the church. (They don' like the Mormons.) She feels that it is true, but she doesn't want it to be true because of the hard things that will come from it.  We talked to her about how hard it was for the people in the Book of Mormon to leave their home (Lehi's family), but God blessed them for their faith. It will be hard for Mari to leave her family, but I know that God will bless her for her faithfulness. We asked her to start reading the Book of Mormon, and applying it to herself. We asked her to think about baptism while she is reading and praying.

I feel like I have finally figured out how to teach and it is amazing. Now, the Lord can work milagros through me.

{The end. The letter just stops. This Saturday is Julie's halfway mark at the MTC. I know I already posted this on facebook but lets flood her mailbox with support and encouragement and celebrating halfway through her MTC journey. Her address is on the right at the top of the side bar.}

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