Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ring Out Wild Bells

Hello everybody!
Christmas week was awesome! 
We have helped one of our investigators make delicious treats for the holidays!  I love service/bonding time with our friends!  She helped us make cookies on our pday (Thanks mom for the delicious cookie mix!  We decorated them and gave them to lots of people as a merry Christmas present).  Then later on, we helped her make cake-pops.  They are so easy to make and so delicious!!!  I will definitely be making some when I get home!
One of my favorite things is that whenever we visit Hiedi, she has had her young women's necklace on (The girl in the torch).  She glows with the spirit!!!
During interviews with President, he told us that he was going to close Cove.  In fact he had been planning on it, but somehow our names ended up there instead.  My first reaction was "No, don't close Cove!"  It definitely puts a new perspective on things.
All of the things that we have done.  All of the people we have taught, helped reactive and baptize.  Almost all of that never happened.  :0  That would be so sad.  I am so glad that I am here in Cove!  It is the best place to serve!
The whole time we've been here, even though we cover Lampasas and Gatesville and parts of Killeen, I have always felt like Cove was were it was at.  Even though, there aren't many Spanish people in Cove, those that are here are the best.  There are some truly amazing souls here just waiting to be found.  One day the church will be filled!
Here is a list of some of the miracles we have seen while serving here:
  1. Hiedi got baptized!
    1. She will be one of the first active Laurels in the Spanish Branch, and it should help ease the tensions between the Spanish Branch and the Cove 2nd Ward (The Spanish YWs meet with the Cove 2 ward, and not everyone has the same vision about what the role of the different wards/branches are. Just by having Hiedi going to mutual and classes, things will work out better.)
    2. Hiedi will be the means of bringing at least 12 people to Christ. (The number of non-members at her baptismal or confirmation service). Hiedi has already been doing missionary work even before she was baptized, and it will her role will only continue to skyrocket as she gets more and more involved in the gospel.
    3. Hiedi plans on serving a mission when she is 19, which means that even more people will be blessed by Hiedi.
  2. Martina (Hiedi's mom) is preparing for baptism! Her baptism is scheduled for Saturday!
  3. Lucy (a slightly less active recent convert when we arrived in Cove) has been called to serve as the Relief Society secretary.
  4. Roxana (a recently reactivated member and wife of a recent convert) has been called to serve as the Relief Society 2nd Counselor. Roxana has told us that by going on exchanges with us is what helped her to strengthen her testimony.
  5. Maria (a less active) has been to church 2 out of the last 3 weeks. The only thing keeping her from church was a ride. She just needed to be found.
Feliz Ano Nuevo.  Nos vemos en el proximo ano!
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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