Monday, December 9, 2013

Northern Texas got iced in!

Hello Everybody,
First of all, I want to announce that after 23 years, I finally have a favorite color.  My favorite color is red.
Second, Dad asked me to tell about my companion.  Her name is Sister Black.  She is from Oregon.  She is 20 years old, and studied civil engineering at BYU for two years before her mission.  She plays the violin.  She has brown hair and is a little bit shorter than me.  She about to her halfway point on the mission, and she is an amazing missionary!
Northern Texas got iced in.  Our cars were grounded on Friday, so we walked and got a lot of rides from members.  It wasn't too bad down here in Copperas Cove, but from what we hear, Dallas and Fort Worth were very bad.  It sounded like a frozen wasteland.
On Friday, we helped Heidi and her family set up all their decorations for her sweet 16 birthday party.  (She missed her quinceniera last year, so they decided to have a sweet 16 for her instead.)  And Heidi is preparing to be baptized on her 16th birthday!!!  She will be baptized on Dec 21!  It is going to be a white Christmas here!!!  :D :D :D :D :D :D
Saturday evening we went to the adult session of Stake Conference, and it was amazing.  We learned about member-missionary work, and I am excited to be a member-missionary!  It is going to be amazing!
Here are some of the things that I wrote down from my notes:
  • Write the gospel in your mind that you may have understanding and in your heart that you may love to do God's will.
  • In member-missionary work:
    • We need to plan each step.
    • Work with more than 1 family or person.
    • Set some goals
    • talk with family members on a weekly basis to evaluate progress
    • involve prayer
    • make it a family event
    • get to know people's names
    • pray
    • smile, be happy
    • find out about their business, birthdays, hobbies, etc.
    • pray
    • offer a hand
    • find out what their interests are
    • pray
    • invite them into your homes
    • pray
    • share your testimony
    • pray
  • We aren't teaching people things that they don't already know.
  • Stop feeling guilty about missionary work.  What we should feel when we think about the opportunity to share the gospel is hope.
  • go be part of the community and live your religion
  • live your religion, and open your mouth with the opportunity presents itself.
  • pray
  • roleplay, practice talking with your friends about the gospel.
  • 1 Nephi 21:21-22 we are the prophesied kings and queens in this scripture.
  • Not everyone will get baptized the first time they get introduced to the church.
  • They want to know what we believe.  They are curious
  • We Rejoice in Christ
  • Prayerfully consider your missionary efforts and set a date of when you want to accomplish it.
And I translated Stake Conference!
Hasta Luego,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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