Monday, October 7, 2013


Hola Todos,
We had our car examined, and they estimate that there is about $6000 to $7000 worth of damage in the car.  Poor thing. 
We kept driving it for the week, with our trunk that wouldn't close, and the back door that wouldn't open. 
But then on Friday, we had to go back to the mission office so that the insurance guy could come and look at the car.
We spent most of the morning with Elder and Sister Winters in the mission office, and I really enjoyed getting to know the office missionaries.  They are so cute and so sweet!  We were talking with Sister Winters and we realized that the new convert letter hasn't been translated into Spanish.  So they had me translate it for them.
But the insurance guy and Elder Winters realized that the car is not safe to drive.  If we were to get into another accident the car would not be able to protect us.  So we get to drive a cute little red sports car right now.  We named it Santiago.  It is a 2010 Toyota Corolla.  I really like the way it drives.  I would buy this car, if it came in manual transmission.  
During Conference on Saturday, I was able to listen to it in Spanish and in English at the same time.  It was broadcast in English, but there were headphones available for those who wanted to listen to it in Spanish.  So by keeping the volume level at about the same, I was able to hear both the English and the Spanish translation at the same time.  I learned a lot of new words that way.
I loved the theme of missionary work.  We are planning to read some of the talks with the members in our ward, during dinners and stuff. 
I also saw a theme of the family and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Hasta Luego,
"Eldera" Sanchez

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