Friday, January 18, 2013

Every Member a Missionary

Hola Todos! 
It is a wonderful day here in Denton, Texas!  It is a little bit fresca, but other than that, everything is great!!!
We lost Claudia and Flor and Hector last week.  It was so super sad. :(  But we found some new investigators! 
We have been having a ton of success at having member present lessons!  My companion and I finally made the top 8 of the companionships here in the Texas Fort Worth Mission.  We are currently at number 3 with our numbers from this last week!  Now, just to find the people who are ready for baptism and fill up the font for them.  :D
The members here are amazing, and it is so wonderful that they are so willing to help out the missionaries.  Seriously, it is really weird to be in a lesson without a member present.  We should have members present at every lesson, if possible.  Just look at the example of Alma.  When he went into Zeezrom's city to teach without a member, they rejected him and kicked him out of the city.  But when he had a dinner appointment with a less-active, and invited the member out to do missionary work, he was able to teach them.  And after a long and complicated teaching record, Zeezrom got baptized.
We were referred into a southern part of our area by the english elders who work there, and we have been finding a lot of great people down there.  And there are a lot of spanish people living in that area, so we are going to be going back there for a while, and trying to find the elect.
However, our main goal right now, is to get referrals from the members here.  At every dinner appointment, we are sharing a pamphlet, or Book of Mormon with the family, and asking them to think about all of their friends, family and acquaintances, and pray for 2 weeks asking God who is ready to accept the gospel, and then to give it to them, and invite them to their home to meet with the missionaries.
This challenge is for all y'all back in Utah, as well.  I can not give y'all a Book of Mormon, because frankly, I don't want to pay for the postage.  But, I am sure that the missionaries in your area would be more than happy to give you one to give out to your friends.  So the challenge:
  • Think about all of your friends, family and acquaintances.
  • Pray for 2 weeks asking God who among all of them is ready to accept the gospel.
  • Write your testimony in the front of a Book of Mormon.
  • When you get an answer from God,  give them the Book of Mormon, and invite them to meet with the missionaries in your home.
If you do this sincerely, God will answer your prayers, and you will get to see some amazing people come into the Gospel. 
Have a blessed day,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez
Isaiah 41:10
This is from Mexico.  They are enchiladas, but they remind me a lot of Tostados.  This is from Hna Portillo.
Blend Chile (cascabel) and water (take out the seeds first)
3 ish cups maseca
1 small handful salt
Mix together to form a dough
Make small 3 inch tortillas and fry them.
Put oil in a pan, heat.
Put pork chorizo in the pan, after a bit, add some precooked potatoes (diced)
Add a little bit of salt.
dice a tomato
shred lettuce
grate cheese
Top tortilla with meat potato mixture, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes.
Serve 3 to 5 enchiladas per person.

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