Tuesday, January 22, 2013

20 member present lessons in a week!

So it is transfers week, which means that I spent the first bit of the week with Hermana Facer and the rest of it with Hermana Powell.  We are flying, soaring high!  It is awesome!
We were able to have 20 member present lessons this last week.  Many of those lessons were 3 to 5 minute lessons, which is something that our president is pushing us to do.  If we can have two prayers and teach some principles from Preach My Gospel, then it is a much better first contact with people then just trying to set a return appointment.  The spirit is really good, and if we do our part, then he can come and touch people.  The spirit is much more likely to be present during a lesson, and praying really brings the spirit.  We are pretty sure that 20 member present lessons in a week is a new mission record! 
We are still struggling to find solid investigators.  But last week we went from only having 1 solid investigator family to having 4, so I guess that we are making progress.  We know that there are amazing people here in Denton, we just have to find them.  We are really trying to find those people through members.  Member referrals are amazing! 
Luz is preparing to be baptized and we are so excited for her.  February is an amazing month.  We are hoping to have 2 marriages in February and some more baptisms as well.  We think that all of the people who are not married, but kinda want to be should just get married on February 14th, and then baptized the next week.  That would be super cool!
Hermana Powell is amazing!  She is super happy and excited.  She loves people and is a super fun person.  We work together really well, and it is a pleasure to serve with her!  She is from California (somewhere around Disneyland.)  Her mom works at Disneyland, so she has always gotten into Disneyland for free, whenever she wanted and with 3 friends as well.
Hermana Powell was actually serving in Denton when the sisters got whitewashed out.  It is really good to have her as a companion, because she knows different people here then we were able to find, and so we are able to visit some of them as well, and see how everything is going.  She is really excited for Luz to get baptized, because she was here for a lot of the teaching process with Luz as well.  We were also able to go back to some of the people that Hermana Facer and I found, and with a new companion, a few weeks later, it is possible that something might happen. 
I really like Hermana Powell.  She is super happy and bubly.  She is super great at making friends and teaching 3 minute lessons.  She can turn almost any situation into a lesson, and when we have members out tracting with us, we get tons of member present lessons.  :D 
We just got referred to Javier, again.  He is from Honduras and he came to a baptism, but we had to drop him because he kept punching his appointments.  But some of the elders were tracting in his trailer park, and he said that he wanted to see us again, and he would have texted us, but he lost our number.  I am super excited to begin teaching him again!  :D
We were also able to go back and see the Dominguez Family, and they seem excited to learn more.  And when Hermana Powell got here the first person she had to see was Claudia.  And now we are going to be teaching her boyfriend, Jason, as well! 
Denton is starting to have some success!  All of our hard work is starting to turn into results.  Patience really is something I need to keep working on.  Sometimes the tree of faith (planted by hearing the seed of the word of God; see Alma 32) takes a really long time to grow, and it is hard to see it growing, because we are so close to it, but if we take a step back, and remove ourselves from the situation, then it is easier to see that many of the seeds that we had planted are starting to grow. :D
It is crazy how much missionary work we can get done in a month, in a week, in a day, or even in an hour.  Time really is our most valuable commodity, and it is hard because there is never enough of it.
The theme for my two transfers with Hermana Martinez in Waco was new investigators.
The theme with Hermana Facer in Denton was exchanges (having a member with us when we teach).
I feel like the theme for this coming transfer is going to be 3 to 5 minute lessons.
It is great to have different companions and different areas, because you learn so much from each one. 
Tenga un buen dia!
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez
P.S.  Families are forever -- D&C 130:2
Denton Courthouse in the Square! 
Hermana Facer
  My last zone and district!

 Feeding Victor's longhorns.  Cows have really long wet tongues! :D

 Sister Powell and the longhorns.

Number 4 and top district!!!  :)

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