Friday, August 26, 2011

The Fish Story

It all started when I went to get the p-card from the SWE desk in the dean's office. It was around 4 and the dean's office isn't supposed to slose until 5, so I thought that I had plenty of time. I got the p-card and went down to the 3rd floor to check how many cups we have. (We are going to have an awesome water social next week.) I went up to the dean's office and found that the door was locked and everyone had gone home. It was then that I realized that I had left my purse by the SWE desk. I went on a quest to find someone who had keys to the dean's office, but to no success. I am purseless until the dean's office opens up on Monday.

Taylor came over later, and I wanted to go buy fish to put in my new aquarium, but I have no money and no driver's license. I find a check book, and we realize that Cache Valley has a free bus system, so we decide to go. We take the bus to the transit center and from there to Petsmart.

Petsmart is in the same shopping center as Old Navy and Down East, so we decide to go window shopping. It's only 7:30 and we have until 10 to get on a bus. We walk around Old Navy. Buttons are in this year, and then go to Downeast which sells some of the most froofy clothes believable. Then we head to Petsmart.

We talk to the fish guy and tell him that I have a one-gallon tank and that I don't know what type of fish to get. He advises me to get any of the tropical community fish. I tell him that when I was researching fish on the internet it seemed that those fish had to stay in schools or they would be very lonely. Then I ask him how many fish I could keep in a one gallon tank. He says that as long as I keep it clean, I can keep as many as I want. One of his co-workers kept 60 fish in a one-gallon tank for a school project to see how many fish could survive, and they were fine. We look some more and he leaves us to look at the fish and decide which ones to get. I decide on a dalmation molly and two guppies.

By now the fish guy is talking with another customer about birds. I guess he is a bird guy too. So Taylor and I go and look at the birds and then the cats. We go back to the fish and another employee helps me get the fish that I chose. When she was getting the first guppy, we had a stowaway. A black guppy wanted to in on the fun. Eventually the stowaway is put back in the tank, and we get the orange guppy. I ask her what type of food I should get, and she says the tropical flakes. So we head over to the flakes and find some. I also get some greek ruins to put in the fish tank.

Then we head to the checkout, and I write a check. The only form of money I have because the rest of it is in my purse in the dean's office. Unfortunately they need a drivers license in order to use my check. I don't have a driver's license because it is trapped in the dean's office with everything else. I do have my student ID so she calls the manager. He asks me why I don't have my driver's license and I say that it is up at school. He asks me how I drive around without it, and I told him that we took the bus. He says oh, and makes the computer take my check.

We take my fish and walk to the bus stop. Eventually we get there. I think the closer one was right and we went left when we crossed the street. We are wIting by the bus stop Nd it gets darker and we are wondering when the bus will get here. It is about 8:40 and we think that we have plenty of time. Taylor decides to call the numver on the bus sign just to see when the bus will get here. Apparently the last bus left at 8:30.

We decide to start walking back. Then we decide to call Spencer and ask hi. If he would mind terribly to come get us. Taylor calls him and asks him where he is at and he responds, what do you need. She tells him that we are by A&W and that we are sruck in town without a bus. He comes and gets us. The whole time while we are waiting, we both feel incredibly sheepish. We are waiting outside A&W with fish at night. Spencer comes and gets us.

We drive back to campus, and float the bag inside the aquarium. The sunset guppy is named Pathagoras, the orange guppy is named Socrates, and the dalmation molly is named Archimedes. (Hence the greek ruins.) Archimedes really didn't want to leave his bag. Now they are all settled and happy. Archimedes stays near the bottom of the ta and thinks, while the two guppies swim all iver the pkace and have fun playing, though they stay near the top somw of the time. Right now Socrates is following Pathagoras whereve he goes. I think Pathagoras is a bit annoyed.

I am super excited for my new fish and they have a story about how they became part of my life!

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  1. cute! And FUNNY! :) Why is your student ID not in your wallet?