Monday, April 15, 2013

Why have you not been baptized?

Hola todos!
We've been having a great week!  We met an amazing woman named Crystal on Tuesday night.  She is a college student in her last semester at Tarleton.  She has been wanting to come back to a church for a while, and she has been going with some of her friends and family to different churches, but nothing has felt right.  She has been praying and asking God for guidance, and that is where we come in!  :D
It was late Tuesday night (8:40 pm), and we had gone through all of our plans and backup plans and back up for our backups.  It had been one of those days. :|  So, we pulled over and prayed and asked God where we needed to go to find his elect.  We felt inspired to go and try to contact a referal we had gotten from a member.  But when we get to the referral's apartment complex, we decided to try a different door than the one we were looking for. 
So we knock on the door, and Crystal opens the door.  We start talking to her, and start teaching her.  It is a super powerful doorstep lesson, and everything is going great!  Crystal tells us her story, and we tell her ours, and the spirit was super strong.  I know that God answers prayers, both those of the missionaries, and those of the people looking for the truth.
We have met with Crystal 2 more times, and even though we haven't done everything right, Crystal is amazing.  We even forgot to bring an English Book of Mormon for her, so she didn't get her Book of Mormon until her 3rd lesson, and at that point she was practically begging for one.  She has been reading on and reading the pamphlet we left her, and she can't wait to read this book!
She came to church, and brought her boyfriend, and she loved it!  We have set a baptismal date for Crystal, and she should be entering the waters of baptism soon. :D :D :D
Priscilla is also working towards baptism.  She is living the law of chastity now, so we should be setting a baptismal date with her soon.  She has been investigating the church for over 2 years, and has been trying to live the law of chastity for a really long time.  Her esposo is married in Mexico, and the divorce process has been taking many many months with tons of problems.  Right now, her esposo has moved 5 hours away to get another job.  Eventually Priscilla will be joining him, but right now she is completely ready for baptism.  It is only a temporary solution, and as soon as his divorce is finalized they will get married, but it means that Priscilla can finally get baptized!  We are so excited for her!
It has been a great week!  We know that the Lord is preparing more the hearts of more people to accept the gospel, and we are going to find them all!
Les quiero,
Hermana Julie Anna Sanchez

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