Monday, March 4, 2013

Bucket with holes on both sides

Hola Todos,
Our primary focus right now is helping the members here in Stephenville to keep their covenants.  We need to help the members be strong and active in the gospel.  We are a little bit worried about inviting investigators to church, when the investigator may be the only one present at the meeting.  So, we have decided to make a teaching record for every member.
We are finding a few people to teach, but here, we are really working on the members.  It is hard to add water into a bucket with holes in the bottom.  They will slip right back out.  Our primary focus right now is to fill those holes for the members.  Every single member is a recent convert or less active, and they don't come to church regularly.   Which means that right now, I am more fully involved in the rescue.  :D

We have been teaching Kenny, and he is really cool!  He feels the spirit during our lessons, and lets us know by saying, "Wow."
On Sunday, I translated for the first time.  We have two sacrament meetings, English and Spanish.  But some of the Spanish members come to English Sacrament, and we translate the meeting for them.  Translating is really hard, but it wasn't a train wreck either.
This is a really short email, I know.  Maybe I'll do a better job next week. :D
Tenga un buen dia.
Hermana Sanchez
Hermana Sanchez and Hermana Potter

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