Sunday, July 19, 2009

Galaxy Camp 2009

This week was Galaxy Camp at Astro Camp. This means that the kids spend 4 days at Astro Camp and then spend 3 days at the Space Center in Pleasant Grove for a total of 6 days (the 4th day at Astro Camp and the 1st day at the Space Center are the same day with a bus ride in the middle). I felt like I had a loaded team this week at Astro Camp. My kids were amazing. I had 5 potential All Stars and 2 super amazing kids. The kids were so good at encouraging others and at starting cheers! I had a little bit of a problem trying to get them to calm down and listen to instructions, but that was it. I never had to remind them to be unified or to support each other. They were amazing! However, Top Team came down to the wire, and we blew our 2 hour mission. But we had a sweep of the Unity Trophy and we kept that in our room all week! I love having the Saturn V rocket in our room. I loved my kids this week. They were so much fun to work with.

Then we got to go to the Space Center. I was able to follow the kids down and play/staff with them, because I asked Mr. Williamson. I got to attend all of their classes and that was pretty fun. I also got to work staff on the missions. I was an Orion Pirate during all 3 missions! My kids from Astro Camp kept telling me that I made a great pirate. I had lots of fun pointing a phaser in the kids face and being gruff. I got to take over the bridge twice and the last time I was put in the brig. We got to be obnoxious pirates for 2 hours! On the Odyssey, I also got to be a border potral agent and the person who read the will. I had fun reading the dead king's will and then crowning the king.

Although this was an exhausting week with little sleep time and all of my waking hours being spent with kids, it was absolutely amazing! I had an amazing week.

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  1. Julie, you write very well. I like your blog. It is nicely done. Congrates